The 36 hours of course work includes 24 hours of required courses and 12 hours of electives.

Required Courses (24 hours)

  • JOUR 5000 (3 hrs) Introduction to Digital Communications Analytics (taken in the first 8W session)
  • JOUR 5251 (3 hrs) Research Fundamentals in Digital Communication I (Quantitative Research)
  • JOUR 5261 (3 hrs) Research Fundamentals in Digital Communication II (Qualitative Research)
  • JOUR 5330 (3 hrs) Strategic Social Media (Social Media Analytics)
  • JOUR 5350 (3 hrs) Seminar in Journalism
  • JOUR 5581(3 hrs) Seminar in Digital Communications Analytics (capstone course)
  • MKTG 5260 (3 hrs) Marketing Metrics for Managers
  • LTEC 5260 (3 hrs) Computer Graphics for Mediated Communication

Elective Courses (12 hours)

Course content is updated regularly in order to keep pace with this rapidly expanding field. For our most current list of course options, please contact Kara Greene or call 940.565.4564 for electives that will be appropriate for your degree plan.


Visit the Registrar's website for more information on course registration dates and payment deadlines.